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The basic objective of human resource management is to establish a working group of high quality, high specialization, and high integrity. We work to establish a system of self-motivation and discipline, which makes excellent personnel outstanding and drives the company to grow rapidly.                 

The principles of HR management are trust, just, motivation, constraint, cultivation, selecting personnel, and giving them full play.

We exercise mechanism for selecting the superior and eliminating to rationally distribute human resources.

We spare no effort to create broad space and opportunities for every talented person. Any diligent worker can have chance to get promoted through constant hard working. Promotion is not subject to qualifications or classes in our company. Things that matter for us are competency and contributions. Yet step-by-step progress is fairly preferable.

Every employee is encouraged to make due contribution to the company at their own job. We adopt mechanism of performance rating to evaluate our employees, and attach much importance to the long-term working attitude and ability.