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TEL : 021-67747698
FAX : 021-67747678

Customer Service:

We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. If you need any help, please contact us directly about our products and services.

1 remote service:

If your system has an emergency failure, you can use phone, email or otherwise to contact us, our technical staff would resolve these issues remotely via the Internet.

2 on-site service:

To provide the majority of customers the scene maintenance services, continuously improve the satisfaction of the customers'.

Professional services:

Our professional team of engineers is glad to provide you with consulting and implementation services. Has more than a decade of advanced systems development experience, we understand your needs. To learn to optimize the management efficiency and enhance business growth in the details, please contact us.

1 customers' demand analysis

By analyzing your business needs, providing professional services.

2 products and systems procurement

According to our analysis, we will be purchasing a variety of solutions and compare their features and benefits.

3 project planning and feasibility analysis

Develop a feasibility analysis of the project implementation process as well as different solutions.

4 system implementation and testing

Select the final solution, and implementation. Stability and reliability of the test system to ensure the normal use of the system.